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We are establishing a sector specifik Co-Working space in the heart of denmark.


Join our team of experts, mentors and specialists in the field. Or get help and insight.


In a collaboration with private and public parterns we are creating a local testbed.

What is EduHub

EduHub is a community for learning, education and competence building companies. We facilitate and help Startups and Scaleups grow. We help both new and established companies from idea through validation and onwards towards success.

We do this in three ways: On a day-to-day level, in our Co-Working space. Over short stints, in our mentoring programs. And through thorough testing and validation, in our testbed.

Our Co-Working space is design for sector specific companies interested in being a part of a fantastic environment, full of insight, knowledge and experience. Knowledge sharing and sparring is key to the success of startups and scalups. And this is why a local co-working space is ideal for a lot of companies in this sector.

Our mentorings programs is a service for young companies in need of external mentorship and support in the development process. We connect startups with more than 50 experts in the fields of EdTech, globalization and team development. And through an intense process we help them reach new heights.

Our testbed is a collaboration between public and private partners within the field of learning, education, and competency building. And here we put new ideas to the test.

EduHub Mentoring

In our mentoring program we support the startup ecosystem in Denmark. We do this through an intens mentoring program, with workshops, events and international outreach programs.

2021 2nd Cohort

Poikilingo is a playful learning apps, that aims to makes children’s bilingual journey incredibly fun!

A language-culture learning app that speeds up language learning & cultural understanding of the new country via playful gamified activities. The app creates a cartoon-avatar in which the child plays the games as herself. It creates an adaptive learning plan for the child. Our solution combines: language, culture & identity.

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Hololink is an intuitive AR editor that enables you to create anything you can imagine. No code and no apps.

It is a web based platform that enables teachers, students and publishers to create interactive augmented reality experiences and share them across students and teachers, without having to install apps on either computer or smartphone.

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Ahoot Media creates story-based learning games for teaching. And has won an international award for best learning game with its title Jack the Riddler.

This is a multiplayer, web-based learning game for training oral communication in English teaching in school. The game consists of “information gap” and “cooperative learning” exercises, which together with the game’s narrative must increase motivation, commitment, and student development in the classroom.

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LearnLet is an online learning platform for professional teachers and educators. To develop new skills and career-changing expertise with flexible courses and award-winning platform.

There is a lot of waste of time, resources and students who miss quality time with the teachers. The platform currently has 120 Danish and 11 English online courses suitable for teachers and educators in primary and lower secondary education.

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VBSD has worked with development and competence building in primary school since 2013. And are now looking to create a unique online platform where teachers can make a short competence clarification and subsequently become more proficient in various relevant areas. A built-in algorithm suggests the material that fits the outcome of the competency clarification.

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EduHub Alumni

EduHub Co-Working

EduHub Co-Working is an industry-specific coworking community, that provides optimal opportunities for knowledge sharing, daily sparring, and collaborations. Being part of an office community together with "like-minded developers", provides great value in everyday life.

"Who knows, maybe your neighboring company in EduHub Co-working is your next business partner."

The office is placed in Odense (Denmark) close to public transports and our thriving educational institutions.

Who is this Co-Working space relevant for:

Our co-working space is ideal for startup companies looking for support, knowledge sharing and a cheap way to establish an office and get acces to meeting/workshop facilitys.
Our co-working space is a good choise for scaleups looking to expand, eighter into new markets in denmark or globally. Or to have the oprtunity to have room for more people.
Our co-working space is the ideal way for an international EdTech to get a foothold in the danish educational sector. Establish a local office and get local support and insight.
International EdTechs
Our co-working space is a great way for an established company to be part of a larg community of peers. Share and learn from each other, and maybe even find a new collaboration along the way.
Established companies